10 Things you should know about us

1. We love music. Sing and dance if we have time.

2. We like Ice cream a lot.

3. We enjoy being with our family and friends

4. We like to travel (a lot). We want to travel the world

5. We enjoy the nature. Skydiving and other outdoor activities

6. We love kids

7. We enjoy planting. 

8. We support in protecting the environement

9. We enjoy the moonlight and the stars

10. We love the beaches

11. We enjoy watching movies and rate it after wards. 

12. We enjoy the food a lot. We try to find recipes in the internet and we cook it and put a little twist on it. 

13. We love God and praise him. 

14. We enjoy life. The everything in between. Through ups and downs. It spice up our lives.

15. You only live once.

oops... We lose count, we are over 10 already. 

If you have questions and inquiries kindly email us at authorsviewpoint@gmail.com.

Have fun!

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